Posted by: talinebalikjian | March 9, 2009


I’m going to graduate in 1 month. To obtain my diploma, I need to do a 6-month internship.

Last summer, I did a 2-month internship in a Web agency and my  boss was very satisfied with my creations. So I would like to renew this kind of experience for my 6-month internship but not in the same company because it was a small campany (20 employers). I want try to work in a big company. And if it goes well, I-d really want to be hired by them for my first job.

I know that an engineer must earn more than 2000€ per month. But I don’t want to work as a project manager for the moment. So I don’t really know how much a web designer (grafic composition) can earn. But I hope to earn at least 1800 € per month.

To conclude, I can say that I want to do this job because I know that I’m interested in doing this activities. And, of course, I wouldlike to work in a big company, in the center of Paris


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