Posted by: talinebalikjian | March 24, 2009

Evaluation : project n°1 > transcript from a video (the end)

Here is the transcript of this vidéo:

It really cannot be understaded how vitally important tourism is to Lebanon. Before the 1975 civil war, tourism accounded for 20% of this country’s gross domestic product.

We’re in downtown Beirut right now and it serves as a perfect example of what Beirut has been through. For 18 months there was of course a politic crisis. This entire area was shut down. All of the shops, all of the restaurants. Absolutely no business. There was virtually no point in walking down this street.

But as you can see now, even before the bulk of the summer tourists arrive these restaurants are already filling up.

When tourists do begin to flock to Lebanon from abroad they’ll almost certainly visit this street called Hamra street. It’s where all the major shopping is available in Beirut. It used to be known as the Champs Elysees of the Middle East, but took a major hit during the 15 years civil war not only that war, but the war 2 summers ago between Hezbollah and Israel. Which is why the tourism minister says the key here is stability, short term security stability for tourism and long term political stability for business investiments.

Lebanon sees the majority of its visitors from Arab Nations, especially the Gulf states like Kuweit and Saoudi Arabia. Seasonal tourists who come here for the cool weather. Lebanon is hoping that 1.3 to 1.6 million people would visit this year.

And this is the honey pot, Beirut’s waterfront which is called “The Corniche”. The major road runs right along the water and hold most of the 4 and 5 stars hotels that people stay in. You can see just across from the road a massive amount of construction still going on. Not just money from the Gulf states coming here but also from Lebanese that live outside the country. They account for nearly 6 billion dollars a year.

Tourism is so vital to this country we hear even in politics, both the Emir of Quatar and the head of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah said in separate speeches, they hope that Lebanon will have a quote peaceful and long summer. Certainly the ingredients are in place for tourism to return here to Lebanon, and it would like to be known as it once was a jam by the mediterranean.

Cal Perry, CNN, Beirut

Words or expressions difficult to find:

  • gross domestic product (l.2)
  • virtually (l.6)
  • to flock (l.9)
  • abroad (l.9)
  • honey pot (l.19)
  • waterfront (l.19)
  • amount of (l.21)
  • separate (l.25)

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